Warning Dream July 4th

July 4, 2020—I experienced more than average spiritual warfare last night. I prayed and worshipped all night. I asked The Lord to speak to me. I finally went to sleep at 5am. Right before I woke later I had a quick dream. In this dream I was sweeping my floor. I was getting the dust and dirt out of the corners of my home. Then as I was waking up, I heard a voice say, “it’s going to be catastrophic.” The Lord spoke to me later on that morning we needed to get our house in order. Sweep the edges and get the hidden bits of dirt in the corners out. We pray and worship daily and are always asking The Lord not to let us be deceived and to have oil in our lamps. I believe something large will come in America very soon. Today is a day of freedom. Millions of soldiers lost their lives so that we can be free. Evil does not want Freedom to rule in America anymore and they will do whatever it takes to control and cause chaos….we need to pray against the satanic plan. Even though Jesus is coming and we know many things will have to take place, we must not stop pushing back darkness with our worship and calling on The Father to deliver us. ❤️


Dream of calling 911 on Evil meat factory harming children

Last week 6/17/20 I had a clear dream. It’s a recurring dream I’ve had for years. It always involves a certain principality that is an ox. This ox is behind the killing of innocent children underground. I’ve seen him on a train collecting children many times. In this particular dream last week I followed this ox who was dressed as a police officer, to an underground facility. Above ground it looked like a city meter area. Like an industrial water or electricity meter. Below ground this ox was stealing kids and taking them below ground to make meat out of them. What I saw below ground was a stainless steal meat factory. They were killing children and using their flesh to make hamburger type meats. This was part of the satanic agenda. The ox was enjoying it. As I became aware of what was happening I picked up the phone and called 911. The ox ran out and began to get scared. As the police and fire fighters showed up they were clearly unaware that there was an underground facility there at all. The ox tried to stop them from getting in at the door but I was interceding. As I prayed the ox shrunk down to the size of a coin and couldn’t stop the men from coming in. They began to look around and saw the ground meat on the walls. They sniffed the meat and started to say, “what the hell is this place?” Then the dream ended. I had a strong sense that I needed to alert authorities when I woke up. I have no doubt evil is doing this as this is being written. I have had other dreams that certain doctors are taking children underground to this facility. I have seen what they are doing. God shows me so that I will pray. Please pray with me for the children. There are men & women in high up positions of authority using their authority for this kind of evil to gain power over the United States where freedom and prayer is their biggest nemesis.


Dream of Death and destruction

Jesus has been warning me that death and destruction is coming. Similar to Nazi Germany the New World Order is taking over through slow infiltration into our communities. Jesus has told me to warn people for a few years now. (See visions) Yesterday I was praying and feeling frustrated that I didn’t have a way to warn people of what I’ve seen coming. It weighs heavy on my heart. As I napped I had a clear dream of what was coming and what we have to pray against and be hidden in Jesus from. I saw people being killed. I saw those in charge putting people in homes to “quarantine” them and then pick whomever they willed to be hung. They even made the homes somewhat nice and had nice food and accommodations. I felt The Spirit of God interceding through me during the whole dream. I woke with a sick feeling but an urge by God to pray. I was very aware that we had a short time to PRAY and HIDE in Jesus. When this hits it will be too late because the deception has taken over. The virus is now main stay and everyone- including believers, have bought it as truth. This virus is nothing more than a flu and an attack of evil to gain control over President Trump and to implement their New World Order. The impeachment didn’t work. Trump has messed up their satanic agenda but they still have an agenda to implement. They are satanic and sacrificing humans to satan to gain power. Expect more of the same and pray for your family now. Be hidden in Jesus now. He hides those who pray & call upon His name and have oil in their lamps. Without prayer there is no oil. Without oil deception comes in much easier. We don’t want to be deceived we want to hear our Shepherds voice clearly. He will lead us beside still waters and restore our souls if we will come to Him first and ask to be hidden in the secret place of the Most High. Right now is the time to be prayed up. Do not wait!


Red Horse Chinese Dragon

In 2014 I had a dream that I was in China riding a horse with some Christians behind me. We were seeing people rushing to bury their goods in hopes to recover them later as a food was coming. I saw an iron gate closing ahead and we needed to get beyond it. So we rode fast and got through. All of a sudden my horse stood on its back legs and turned red. As I hung on it began turning its head to the left as if to say “look!” So I looked left and in the sky was a massive Chinese Red Dragon.


Vision of Children running & Chinese Red Dragon

In 2014 I was listening to a prophetic word by R. Loren Sanford. I was taken into a vision where I was running with children all around me. We were running away from something big, some sort of disaster. I was scooping up as many children as I could to carry them. I looked to my left and in the sky over the ocean was a HUGE red dragon. (The same one I’ve seen two other times in visions.) There was a massive American ship, cruise liner size waiting for us. I got to the boat and began shuffling children aboard. As the boat was about to leave and I was standing on the dirt road, a helicopter flew over me and a large caribiner hooked onto my backpack and swept me away over the ocean, just in time before disaster hit. Everyone on the boat was saved as well.


Dream-Large wave wiping out infrastructure

2012-Dream that a massive wave came in to wipe out the infrastructure and homes of the country. Many people were floating down the ocean in the aftermath, not able to get out. There were long lines of people trying to get food and all of the homes were rebuilt over night. Instead of homes there were skyscrapers like China has. The government gave everyone a credit card with their name on it and told us that we would be able to pay rent and buy groceries with this card. I heard a voice say, “they are planning this.”


Dream- President Trump warns stampeding people

2019. Dream that masses of people were running from something and panicking like a stampede. Trump was standing underneath a massive column holding up a huge wall of a building with his back. It was tilting as though it would fall. He looked right at me and said, “tell the people that they have to calm down and stop stampeding or I will not be able to hold this wall back any longer and it will fall on them.”

Next I am walking with Trump and we are told to clean off a metal electric bed for the wedding Jewish happening on the grounds. President Trump took the hose and started washing it off and I reminded him to be careful of the electric chord and not get it wet. Then we went and sat outside of the gates of a Jewish wedding where I heard my moms old friend Marty Goetz singing a beautiful wedding song.


Visit from a messenger

November 22, 2019

For many years I have dealt with crazy spiritual warfare. Worship, warfare- worship -warfare…vision…warfare etc…daily and nightly. At times feeling tormented and ready to be done!! Also having the privilege to see angels at times. I don’t know why this happens to me. It is what it is. This is the new normal for me the last 11 years of my life. I’ve lost friends, been misunderstood while learning and just mostly stayed alone because this kind of life is unexplainable to most. Many Christians believe the presence of demons means you are doing something wrong. I’ve run into many believers that stay out of the spiritual battle in fear…

I have HAD to understand the times we are in and have learned to do battle in the Spirit realm where the battle is. I do see in the spirit but still only see in part and only what my Father wants me to see. I want to encourage us to battle and take ground. The battle is the Lords and through worship and prayer we kick out evil that has been sent to stop the Lords plan. We feel it in our churches, marriages and jobs, kids and anywhere we take the flame of Gods glory that is inside of us. The enemy wants to stomp out true worship but we have tools that bring more glory.

The Lord spoke to me last night in what I call an experience or a dream where I am mostly awake. Hard to be fully awake in the presence of any messenger of God. A messenger came into my room with blinding light. He told me he was sent to roll back the clock two hours. I asked him if he was doing this for the whole world and he said yes. He had a computer and was about to change it. Doing the math in my head I understood that he was telling me that darkness would be coming sooner. I then saw spirits over peoples heads speaking to them to do evil. It was all witchcraft. I’ve seen these spirits for years but was now seeing them all over.

I saw a destructive wave come up the coast and it was to warn us that more was coming. I ran after my kids to pull them in close. The waves were about to enter homes. Waves are only a symbol of the darkness pushing its way into the homes.

It was very clear, like the last two visions I’ve had that something is imminent and will depend on prayer and worship for how strong it gets. I realize most of the body doesn’t want to hear warnings and wants to just focus on Jesus. I get it and agree but The Holy Spirit is stirring and moving RIGHT NOW waiting for true worshippers/warriors to take their places (not on stage) and fight the evil in the spirit that is coming on strong. As I worshipped last night before bed this song came out and a glory that is unusually strong came into the room.

I have had numerous visions of tsunami waves coming like many others in the body of Christ. They are destructive. We must fight the battle in the Spirit. Our families, kids and churches are depending on it. This is the normal Christian life. We know that an outpouring will come. Let’s take our place and bring it!!! He purchased us with His blood and His love and grace are enough. We trust that He will do what He said He will do!!



The Evil Jester and The Clock


This was a vision I had right after Trump was elected in 2016. I was in a pool that symbolized living water, swimming around at my moms house with family members. We were laying hands on people and doing ministry type things. The Lord uses pools of water in my dreams where intercession has gone on for many years. The water is always clear and warm and miracles are happening.

I popped my head out of the water to look up and see that an evil jester had a massive clock up above me in the night sky. He was a sinister jester. He proceeded to roll the massive clock backwards 4 times. Each rotation was one year. Then he rolled it forward 7 times showing a bit more happiness. I was being shown the season we were walking into very shortly. As I turned to swim back in the pool the water had started to recede. I was able to walk out of the pool. There was a set of stairs next to the pool that my family was walking up. As I began the climb up these stairs I was extremely tired. Many people of color were pushing their way passed me on the stairs coming down as I went up and began knocking me over. They were putting me down and a bit wreckless. I just put my head down and said excuse me and stayed out of their way. My husband and kids made it to the top while I was still below trying to get up. There was a large piece of rustic wood on each stair that I was able to grab hold of to pull myself up and get to the next stair. The vision showed me grabbing the wood up close. It reminded me of what a wise woman once told me, “hug your cross.” This wood symbolized the cross and how it pulled me closer to Jesus up the stairs.

It was a simple yet profound vision. I was reminded of the 3 destructive wave dreams I’ve had where Scott and I were warning people of what was coming. Only those who listened didn’t physically die.

I interpreted this as we have 4 years before destruction comes. No matter who the President is this regime will take over the world. Right now is the “Calm Before The Storm”. We must at not be lulled to sleep. Satan viewed the 4 years as going backwards. We would have 4 years to repent and pray in the church. (See dreams of church) After that the satanic program of biblical proportions would be rolled out. That’s the 7 years the Lord has been speaking to me about for some time. The same one in Daniel. The beginning of the 7 years means the man of peace will show up after 3.5 years of that, then tribulation. We must spiritually prepare for the tribulation period. As darkness grows we will need to be closer to God than ever before. Our oil has to be continually refilled or we risk deception.

This is all going to happen and fulfill the scripture. (Read Daniel and Revelation.)

The system of the beast or what the world calls “New World Order” is the system that is global and has the support of just about every country on the map. They have rolled out Agenda 2021 and are looking forward to Agenda 2030. A simple google search will show you what these are. This 7 years is when “they” will CAUSE destruction and also bring the solution to their destruction & chaos, making it look like they are saving us and bringing peace. This satanic regime will completely take over, seemingly overnight. It will mimic history as Hitler became a dictator over night so will this regime take over and rule the entire world. No one is ready for it. It will be a depopulation agenda affecting the elderly and children mostly. Very much like a Nazi regime taking over. History repeating….We are warned of it all in scripture.

During this time, part of the church will humble themselves and turn to pray and join with the Spirit in realizing Jesus IS coming. This will bring the prophecy of the Ezekiel 47 river to the nations. The greatest outpouring the earth has ever seen will come on the back of shaking, destruction, persecution and TRUE worship. Some of the church will follow the satanic agenda and be deceived out of fear and lack of scriptural knowledge and listening to those God has spoken to about this time. The Bible says even the elect may be deceived. 2 Thessalonians 2

He speaks to many watchmen and women so that the church is prepared. Now is the time to pray, lament, weep and mourn over our sin and return to our first love, Jesus. It’s time to warn of His coming. The darkness is getting darker so the light HAS to get brighter. We have His light/glory INSIDE of us. There will be false Jesus’ and many false teachings and doctrines of demons. These are not to be feared but use discernment and obey The Father. We must have oil and discernment. Without oil we can’t have much discernment. I pray we will make His house a place of prayer, prophecy and true worship. He IS coming.



Vision- We must pray

May 10, 2019

I just came out of a vision that rocked me. I have been asking the Lord to give me more clarity since the Jonah vision. He just did.

Vision- Something had just taken place and people were getting their guns out and walking around ready to shoot at each other. They were defending their stuff and trying to take others stuff like they were displaced and wouldn’t have enough due to a wave that took out homes. I yelled at them, “we have to stop shooting at each other! No one will trust you if you keep pointing a gun at them. Just join forces and share what you’ve got with your neighborhood.”

After this I went into an older woman’s home where my family was gathering. She had stocked up on coffee and food and laundry detergent. A big wave came into the house and knocked everyone down for a minute. The older woman said, “we must pray or these small waves will become a tsunami. We must pray now!”

We began to intercede. Then another stronger wave came in and I yelled for my kids so I could grab them and protect them. It was another small wave sent as a precursor to a tsunami. It was a warning ⚠️. I was telling everyone we have to pray or the waves will get bigger and stronger but our prayer can stop this.

A man came in to steel from us and I told him to stop we will help him. I asked him what he needed and gave it to him.

After this vision as I went to my knees to pray the Lord told me to pray that the church would wake up and begin to pray and repent now!!! Repent of what we have done to His body, His word and His ministry of His Holy Spirit.

If we fear God only and pray and hide in His presence we will be hidden and He WILL RELENT just like He did for Ninevah in Jonah’s day. The warnings are being given all over the place and are already in scripture.

We must pray and be grounded in His word NOW or we can not complain about the consequences. Time to rise up church and be the prayer warriors He has intended us to be. Cover your children and be hidden in Him. Now is the time. He is speaking what He has always said. Cling to Him and endure as a soldier of Christ and He will come to Zion and make the place of His feet glorious.



Vision- Jonah

May 3, 2019 I had a strong vision where Jesus spoke to me clearly. In the last 9 years He has spoken many things about judgement coming, “shaking everything that can be shaken” etc but this was very direct to my/our mission and what is possibly coming.

I had been up early in prayer for a while then went back to bed. I had a vision that Jesus the Lion of Judah said to me “you must be like Jonah and tell the people of destruction coming.” He showed me Jonah in a whale and reminded me of how I’ve been in the whale for a while because I have forgotten the testimony of Jesus as to what He has told me to speak up about in the church. I forgot to tell people that He IS coming and that there will be destruction.

Many years ago when the Lord first started speaking to me clearly I told a few pastor/ leaders and they basically were not interested in what I told them so I became discouraged. I knew it was the Lord speaking but no one heard me. I was really torn because I couldn’t understand why they didn’t see it in the scripture. God was wanting to get our attention on Him. This was a wake up call! Many in the body have completely left the testimony of Jesus for a different gospel.

back to the vision….

Next, I saw an eagle flying up to Mount Rushmore. He spoke directly to me and said “you must wake up the politicians!”

God gave Nineveh 40 days. Jonah had to tell them of the destruction coming if they didn’t repent and pray. The crazy thing was that they did repent! My hope and prayer for America is that we will repent and turn God’s house back to a house of prayer rather than a money making den of thieves.

In Luke 11, Jesus spoke to the crowds about Jonah as well,

“This is an evil generation. It seeks a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah the prophet. For as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so also the Son of Man will be to this generation.” Luke 11:29,30

Jesus is our prophet and our sign! He said everything we need to know and it’s written down. His testimony is the prophecy! He is coming.

This vision goes along with the earthquake in the Spirit that I experienced just a few weeks ago. It also coincides with the vision of the kingdom falling on the White House, where He was speaking about worship in Spirit and Truth coming into the church rather than the church being waited on (served) by the leaders.

Keeping the word and doctrine pure are something the New Testament writers spoke of so many times. Don’t be deceived….ask God for eyes to see the truth and the deceptions clearly.

We must repent and pray, destruction is at the shores in America. Don’t take my word for it, study the word and pray for understanding. We have to become caught up in HIS story not just our own. Jesus IS coming. 🙏🏻 When we fear God over everything else the trust we put in Him will lead to prayer and worship and He will give us eyes to see the sign! Jesus. We follow Him and do what He has told us and leave the outcome to Him.

Ironically in all of this, He is not speaking ANYTHING new. It’s always been this. It’s all in the word of God. So many in the church want to “prophecy” something new and that is wonderful and encouraging but we have forgotten about THE prophecy. Jesus!!!




On January 20, 2019 I woke to pray. Afterwards I went back to sleep and was awoken with what felt like a 9.0 earthquake. The house shook and I laid there listening then jumped up to check on my kids. No one was stirred. Scott was asleep as well. It then hit me that the Lord was speaking to me what He has been speaking for years. “I will shake everything that can be shaken.” & “fall on the Rock or the Rock will fall on you”. This was a spiritual earthquake. It was a jolt that if it was real would change the course of history wherever it hit. The shaking of Jesus coming has started.

I believe He is speaking to the fact that this shaking is coming soon. He has promised that His living water will flood the nations before His return. Ezekiel 47….He is coming for a bride who is waiting for Him and in love with Him, not men pleasers but God pleasers.

An earthquake divides, causes destruction of property, and just basically causes death and chaos. It shakes us to the core of our being. Many are speaking of this shaking coming and having visions and dreams about it.

Pray for the children



Dream of Witchcraft in Church


I had a dream that I was at a worship event in a big theater. There was a man on stage leading it as well as a worship team. The man asked those who want healing to come forward and for us in the front to lay hands on them. As I did this I felt sick to my stomach like I was going to throw up. The man fell over and convulsed when my hand touched him. I turned around and looked and onstage behind the leader was a large dark angel. I saw this dark angel using his power to bring about lying signs and wonders. I don’t believe the man onstage had any idea the dark angel was there leading instead of Gods presence. (The enemy has the power to mimic a presence. Otherwise they could not do the lying signs and wonders. God has shown me through a gift of discernment and allowed me to feel the difference in my own experience of His presence and the enemies.) back to the dream…..

Then the worship team came and sat near me and the Lord spoke to me and said “they are just singers”. The stands we sat in then turned into a roller coaster and everyone there had their hands in the air and were enjoying the “ride”. We literally were going up and down just like a roller coaster would until it came to a crashing halt into the stage and all the instruments fell off the stage. The worship leader was standing off to the side saying, “I don’t know what to do”.

The dark angel made this all happen and he was with the leader who was Steven Furtik. Because there was a lack of worship in spirit and truth this entity was following this band and leader around. The Lord spoke to me “Elevation Worship”. They forsook Gods word and went after an experience.

~For many years the Lord has been speaking to me about witchcraft being in the church and going unseen by the leaders. When there is a move of God the enemy will always be right there to mimic and cause confusion. The Bible says to test the spirits. Don’t just believe everything you see and hear. The reality is many of the spirits that are invading the church have been doing so for many years. We have left the pure doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Leaders have trusted that if a presence is there nothing else can come in but God, but that is not the case. We are warned all over the Bible including by Jesus Himself of deception in the last days. The deception going on in the church is that satan has his own gospel and his own signs and wonders enough to have a false revival.

(2 Thessalonians) Honest believers are being deceived by it and the implications of what satan actually wants to do in the end will lead if possible even the elect away from the true Christ. I was unaware until this dream how real this deception is. This deception is happening mainly in places where experience is put above the word of God. We must have true discernment according to the Bible.

We all long for God’s presence and want to see healing and miracles. This is part of the resurrection power that Jesus promised us. Where the witchcraft comes in is where we have leaders who are gifted but do not know the word of God and are not mature in teaching it and they use the “power” given to them by the enemy to knock people over, cause chaos, screaming, shaking etc. Many times this “power” is a sign to the people that the leader is very spiritual and has some “extra anointing” that you and I don’t have. This display of satan’s power has been bought by well meaning Christians all over. How do we know the truth from the lie? We know that God warns of lying signs and wonders but how do we know what they are?

Jesus tells us that He is looking for those who worship The Father in Spirit and truth. In Spirit means the testimony and prophecy of Jesus all through the scripture. His testimony is that He died was resurrected and IS coming again very quickly. He is the first and the last and will establish His kingdom on earth when He comes. “In Truth” means the word of God in its PURE doctrine not the perverted gospels going around. Scripture has to interpret scripture and no other false doctrines can be followed. It IS possible to know God purely through His word and to worship HIM alone not a god we make up in our mind or have been taught by the false teacher. They probably didn’t mean to teach false doctrine but they slowly left the truth over time in order to please the congregation. (2 Timothy says that teachers will teach what the people want to hear rather than truth.) This is nothing new and is spoken of in the word but if we don’t read it and take it seriously we won’t see it. The Bible applies to us. We have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

The ACTUAL power of God will heal and deliver instantly. His power is full of peace and rest. He does the job fully. He doesn’t halfway heal and then the ailment comes back. He finishes it. He delivers. He doesn’t contradict Himself and His goal is to bring people into His kingdom. The spirit of God will not interrupt the teaching of the word of God. Satan’s goal is to cause chaos and confusion and leave the unbeliever questioning what the heck that was and for the believer to think they had an encounter with Jesus.

The question is what do we want? Do we want to look to the word and His truth and interpret it correctly and let Him lead? Or do we want an experience so bad that we forsake the word or just add a little word and do our own thing. What we choose has big implications in the spirit. God is always a redeeming God when we align ourselves with Him He always takes us further and lower than we could ever go. Our job is to die to ourselves, pick up our cross and follow our master. He does the work and the angels of God hearken unto the word of God. (Psalm 103)

Be awake and vigilant for our enemy is seeking whom he may devour. Seek truth and more will be given. There is a false revival coming and already is in the “church”.



The Pure Milk of The Word


There comes a point for the Christian when we have to decide whose life we want. Do we want Christ’s life in us or our own dreams and motives even good ones, to rule and reign in us? The church all over is praying for revival. We want God to pour out His spirit but yet we have His spirit and if we have died to our selfish desires and carnality we ARE experiencing a revival because we have died. Like the early church we are seeing miracles, salvations, demons cast out and an outpouring of the Spirit to back HIS work. Colossians 3:3 says-

“For you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”

If we are not experiencing revival it’s because we are not dead to our own desires and motives. The early church led by the apostles were VERY protective of the words of God and the pure milk it is. The New Testament speaks over and over again about keeping the gospel pure and not following doctrines of man or even demons. 2 Timothy 3 & 4. It’s hard to believe that we who love Jesus sincerely could be deceived. But the truth is we can and most of the church is. Jesus spoke of deception many times. The New Testament is full of words written to CHRISTIANS about deception. The real deception is that you don’t think or know you are deceived. So you continue in powerless Christianity frustrated and always looking for the next big book to come out and point you in the right direction.

The church at large seems to be very caught up with celebrity preachers and movements who make millions of dollars on their books while their bibles sit with dust on them. All of the counsel of the Holy Spirit is the word of God- Jesus Himself. Why do we turn aside to every wind and wave of doctrine and leave the pure milk of the word of God?

God is clear in 1 Peter that “Judgement begins at the house of God…” This means that WE as believers are subject to the word over all things and if we are not following it and HIM we need to turn (repent) and begin to follow. We have to read the Word to know what we are repenting from and turning to. There will be outpouring when their is death. Death to and recognition of where we have missed the mark according to scripture. I really don’t care who you are we have all missed it and there is coming judgement, we must repent now.

There is no way to be “revived” if there is no death. If we do not humble ourselves to the word of God more than we do preachers and movements we will experience judgement and conviction and we will be on our backs in grief over the mockery we have made of Christianity. If you don’t trust my words read the scripture. Begin in 1 Peter and hear the words the Spirit speaks. If we think we are not deceived we are surely living in some sort of deception and need to repent and get in line with His heart for the lost and the word of God. I am saying this to myself and have for years been experiencing this conviction myself. I am very aware that a lifetime in a man made institution that is led more by money than the Spirit in most cases has caused me to be deceived in many areas. Even if a church starts out in the spirit most end up like the church in Galatians, being bewitched and turning away to a different gospel that has no power. I am repenting and turning daily and seeing the fruit. The word of God is my best friend. Jesus is coming and there is no more time for anything but the true milk of the word of God. There is no love without truth. Love is spirit AND truth. Worship God and submit to His words and we will see a revival unlike any that has ever graced our planet. Die to ourselves and we will be revived into the new life promised when we follow the word of God.

-Love Kristin


Vision of Kingdom falling on White House

Vision: 2/13/18
Woke up and read Ephesians 2:19-22 this am about the apostles and prophets and being a dwelling place for His Spirit.
I went back to sleep and had a dream. –I was outside at a worship event in D.C. My hands were raised in worship. Towards the end of a song I looked up in the sky and saw a massive kingdom coming down from heaven. I thought it was Jesus coming. It felt like Jesus coming as in other visions. I was in intercession my spirit was groaning and as it got closer I saw that directly inside the kingdom was a pot of coffee and it landed directly on the White House.
Then I was running somewhere down a nice street and noticed that all the churches had turned into restaurants and ppl were coming to eat there instead of worship. I saw a girl who used to lead worship from years ago trying to sing a duet w a guy to entertain the ppl there but it didn’t sound good and had no power.

My interpretation is that the Lord wants to wake up the government in our country. So many are praying for this. The problem is that worship has been taken out of the churches and we have settled for a system where we are entertained by the singers and bands and we desire to pay our 10% and be served rather than give our whole lives for the sake of the gospel of Christ. The church has the Kingdom of God living inside of us and we need a big wake up call, a large pot of coffee to jump start our system. 🙂



Man Centered Gospel

There is a gospel going through the church of Jesus that teaches the bible from a perspective of how the bible and it’s teachings pertain to their lives.  It has been called prosperity and is a man centered, at best, gospel.  What flows from this false gospel has distorted who Jesus is, what righteousness is, what holiness is and has led us to a business mentality in the church rather than one of humility and laying down our lives.

If you were the enemy wouldn’t you do all you could to distort the true gospel of Jesus Christ to His followers to make it powerless?  As Paul said to the Galatians  “who has bewitched you?”  Satan has infiltrated the church with witchcraft/ deception as it is spoken of in 2 Timothy 4:3-5,

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things, endure affliction, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”

This man (ME) centered gospel is very deceptive.  The false teachers who preach it week in and week out are well meaning but do not know that they are preaching a self centered message.  They themselves are deceived and because their followers don’t study their bibles they continue to follow these false teachers.  They are focused more on their programs and tithes than they are the full true gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power unto salvation.  The messages they preach usually start with a scripture.  Then for the next 30 minutes they tell stories of how God pertains to your life.  In essence they bring God down to your level. They preach how God brings prosperity and wants us to be fulfilled in this life.   Instead of teaching what the bible teaches which is death to self, a complete turning from living for this world, and bowing our hearts before a merciful Savior who sprinkled the mercy seat with His blood! Instead they teach all about how Jesus gives us our best life now.  They focus more on changing behavior than the Spirit of God to change a man.

It seems that while the Me gospel is going around and putting on nice shows on Sundays the prayer meetings remain empty or cancelled. It is the High Places that the Spirit of God works to tear down in us. The place where idols exist. God is zealous for a people who will worship Him alone in purity and truth. The me gospel builds up our ego and is the opposite of the Spirit of God. Sure itching ears love it but it’s just not God. The entire testimony of Jesus is from Genesis to Revelation and speaks of God wanting a people who don’t have idols before Him. He went to extreme lengths to make clear His desire all through old and new testaments.

We have to repent and follow Jesus and allow the Spirit of God to tear down the high places of pride in our hearts. We will never understand scripture and the true gospel without humility and truth.



The Voice


This was a day that I had some difficulty with my first son who was two at the time. He had been such an easy kiddo up until two and I had been struggling with how to handle his out bursts and defiance.  He was starting to really get under my skin and I was seeing how frail I was and how I didn’t know how to handle all of his little discipline issues. Basically I was feeling like a failure. So I laid on my bed and cried.  I cried out to God to help me. I repented for my anger to God and asked Him for forgiveness for getting upset at him….

As I was falling asleep that night I was awoken abruptly by the sound of feedback from a microphone.  It was screeching in my ear.  As soon as He had my attention I heard a very clear voice.  It was the voice of our old pastor, the one who married us actually. He said very clearly over this microphone, “I will speak upon your misjudges and cause the foundations of the earth to be disrupted.”  As I listened I asked the Lord to say it one more time so I could write it down and He did. The voice spoke loud and clear in my ear one more time.  I asked Scott if he heard this voice.  He said no so I assumed it was in my ear and that the Lord had spoken, since I don’t regularly hear any voices. 😉  We wrote it down and have since pondered it’s meaning.  What I believe He is saying is that HE will be the one to speak upon our sin and judge us.   If we are in Christ we are under His rule and He has cleansed us with His blood.  He is the judge and is coming shortly and the earth will shake.  This is the culmination of what is taking place shortly before & when Jesus comes.  He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and even before He comes judgement will surely fall upon this earth, so much so the foundations of the earth will be disrupted.

“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be earthquakes in various places, and there will be famines and troubles.  These are the beginnings of sorrows.”  -Mark 13:8



Money and Worship

About 18 years ago The Lord spoke to me about His heart for His worshippers. At the time it confused me a bit due to the fact that everything in Christian land around me said otherwise.  But I knew this was His heart. In reading the word, He spoke about money in the church and more specifically that His house will be a house of prayer/worship. God spoke to me about not charging any money for the power of God and worship and how we’ve misused it. Like the money changers in the temple so has my church become. Charging money for goods when my house is a house of PRAYER.  Now a days we justify the means and the end because it’s a solid way to bring in income for the Christian but what happened to “My house is a house of prayer.”? I’ve been in 100’s of churches and rarely is there a regular prayer meeting going on for more than 10 minutes. I wonder what Paul would say if he was here now…

Matthew 21:13   And He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer’ but you have made it a den of thieves.”

Interesting how Jesus is saying prayer in the house of God is so important but somehow we only have a handful of saints coming to church prayer meetings, if the church even has a prayer meeting. Leaders are afraid to challenge anyone to come pray possibly because their own prayer life isn’t there. That has been my personal experience.  How do we not see that we are deceived? A den of thieves Jesus called the money changers in His temple. Isn’t that what we do now? We trade money for blessing or money for an “anointed” cd that promised healing. Gods heart is for us to give but the money changers in the churches have had to beg and use guilt to get people to give, to keep up the broken system that has been established in our churches.  Our ceremonies without much prayer keep the Spirit of God out and the evil in. Sorry but it’s true.

 All of Christianity is making good money being paid worship leaders, song writers and celebrity worshippers, authors etc…  It’s making money doing what you love right? God providing? I remembered what God had spoken to me in 2000. Free, my Spirit is free, my love is free. You can not charge money to the body or the one who might believe because I give all things freely including my own blood. What if God charged us money for what He did? The ministry of the Holy Spirit is HIS ministry. Not ours to use His Spirit and then charge $$.

Philippians 4:19  “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  Where are the believers who believe?

In recent years the Lord has brought me back to this concept of FREE. His love, grace, healing, ministry of the Holy Spirit are all free. When we charge money for everything, cd’s, worship concerts, counseling, ministry you are charging money for His ministry.  We have no power or presence to change anyone or help anyone, only the Spirit of God does. Jesus overturned money tables in the temple.  In fact His only act of righteous anger in scripture was this.

In the early church, His disciples were given the task of bringing in all that their church body had. They sold everything to join this body and they were willing to do anything, including die. They were not living for the house the car and the job and just giving 10% they were giving everything. They were so dead to this world that even money wouldn’t hold them back.  Their entire lives were done TOGETHER, praying, worshipping, and making disciples. They were one in Spirit.  They were DISCIPLES of Jesus. If they were not they were not considered to be a part of “the church”. The church was all encompassing of their lives and Annanias and Saphira paid with their lives when they lied about money to the Holy Spirit. Are we lying to the Spirit? This gospel requires everything not just a little here and there. Does God need our money?

God used the money everyone gave to meet the needs of those in their body. Not for the pastor’s retirement.  In fact, didn’t Paul make tents and live on that?  Yes. He actually says to the Corinthians that he robbed other churches to minister to them.

“Did I commit sin in humbling myself that you might be exalted because I preached the gospel of God to you free of charge? I robbed other churches, taking wages from them to minister to you.”

2 Corinthians 11:7,8

If you are wanting to be used for healing, deliverance, prophecy then it must be free as it was freely given to you. Capitalizing on the Spirit opens the door to greed.

How confusing is it to those who want this Holy God but see His body pimped out and looking exactly like the world..and making money off of those who want God. We are in a new covenant and our commission to preach the gospel does not involve taking/begging for people’s money- ever. If there is a need we need to pray and give what is needed.

The deception here in the church is heavy to look at.   Jesus and the apostles were always saying to believers, “don’t be deceived.”

The church has been infiltrated with witchcraft as spoken of in Galatians. “who has bewitched you?” Satan has been in the “ceremonial” church for a loooong time, deceiving those who don’t follow the word intimately and have itching ears to hear fancy sermons and feel good. Broken people who need the Spirit of God but are offered a church system instead. Throw in there really good relevant worship that sounds so good we feel compelled to pay them good money for the songs the Lord gave them for FREE and put them up on pedestals because of their gift.  We then miss Jesus just like the Pharisees did, they had no need for Him, they had their own righteousness, their own ministry and it brings in good money! Worship turns into a ripe playing field for the enemy, deceiving those who don’t know the difference between Gods glory and the lesser spirit.

Pharisees had their order, their systems in place. They missed their Messiah the first time and put Him on a cross and those who are in the church who are following mans rules, control, and ceremonial worship of money and not the word are missing their Messiah and His return…again. He’s about to come and too much of the body is unaware.

Worship has become a fad, a rock concert and many are led astray to worship the good feeling they have rather than The Holy God of the bible.  Worship groups have popped up all over and provide fun concerts but are they worshipping the God of Israel?

I believe we will see a massive outpouring of The Spirit of God during true, pure worship in this world when we turn back to His true plan and heart for the nations, the broken, the poor-giving the free gift the way it was given to us. After all He looks at our hearts and knows everything, we cannot deceive Him.

Nothing weeds out wolves in sheeps clothing quicker than money. There is no charge, Jesus paid it all with His life.  Worship God. Put Him first over man. Fear Him over the enemy.  Ask God where we as a church have been deceived. He will speak and already has. Start with 2 Timothy 3 &4 etc.

There is always a remnant who hears the word of God and believes and trusts God to fulfill His plan in this earth. The Word of God is about God not us. Today’s Christian culture is a self centered one where we want to be served. Churches have become a smorgasbord of what serves me. The understanding of Jesus has become the way to “MY best life now.” Instead of, “I have died and my life is hidden in Christ.” Colossians 3.  The bible is not about you.  The call of Jesus is to DIE to yourself, leave your self life behind, be a disciple of Jesus and fall on your face before the Father who loves you and made a way back to life for you. Worship is a basic organic outpouring of a heart ransomed by HIS FREE GRACE. Making it anything more is sorcery. Prayer and worship that is PURE will move mountains. Satan isn’t going to the world to deceive, He is in the modern church deceiving on a weekly basis. Remember the Pharisees didn’t like how they felt around Jesus?

We must know the word. There are amazing well meaning Christians being deceived and living a powerless Christian existence because they have settled for this man made, MAN CENTERED gospel. The awesome news is that God is raising up teachers and worshippers who will follow the River of Life for the healing of the nations (Ezekiel 47) and not look for fame or money but give ALL glory to God.

We were warned in 2 Timothy that in these last days men would be lovers of SELF having a form of godliness but denying it’s power. When will we do things His way? Christianity belongs to JESUS! Who are we to make it a business? And a powerless one at that.



Angels and Nuclear bomb


As My husband and I were praying one night I began having a quick vision. (Like a movie in my minds eye in technicolor, not my imagination)

I was in space and witnessed7 Angels lined up one after another waiting for Jesus to come through. They had horns or trumpets as the Bible calls them, ready to blow. Revelation 8:1-6.  Then shockingly, all of a sudden up from the earth came an explosion and I saw a nuclear bomb, mushroom cloud, explosion that reached space.  As in the other visions I’ve had surrounding Jesus return this felt VERY imminent.

The interpretation of this vision is the imminence of Jesus return and what we can expect to see prior to it.  There were 7 angels lined up waiting before the bomb went off. In reading Revelation 8:1-6  I am thinking these were the seven trumpet angels.  We know that a third world war must take place and a peace treaty as well. One nuclear bomb as spoken of in Daniel will constitute that war.

Another thing about this vision I want to point out it the fact that Jesus was right at the door ready to come through. The angels were lined up ready for Him.



“I AM COMING!” (Lion of Judah)

March 7, 2014

I had a vision as I closed my eyes today. I was awake the whole time as I could hear my kids talking. Once again it was a technicolor movie not my imagination.

I saw Jesus with the head of a lion (Lion of the tribe of Judah). He was on His white horse and had a sword coming out of His mouth. He was headed down to earth fast and furious.

Then the scene switches to the aftermath of a previous vision where there had been an actual earthquake and tsunami. A man  walked me through the muddy water. I could feel the cold and the death around me. I saw children draped over rocks dead and others floating in the water. I was so moved I began weeping.  It was as though I was really there. (I had asked the Lord that week to confirm that previous vision, this was the confirmation)

Then the scene flashed back to Jesus but this time He was closer to earth on His white horse and looked like a man of war, a mighty warrior. He had grey hair to His shoulders and He was very strong, He looked like Braveheart!  He looked at me straight on in the eyes and SHOUTED at me 5X :


Each time with more emphasis.  Ok, I can’t really ignore that! In His mercy He is making it really clear.  Those who have ears to hear will hear.

As He finished yelling I was drawn into His mouth where I could see the back of His teeth. I felt safe and thought this was a good place to be. Literally IN Jesus. Not Luke warm but in Him. As He opened His mouth I could see that we were about to touch down on the earth where there were bombs going off. It looked like a war scene. Then we touched down and the vision was over.

This vision rocked me as I literally felt everything happening! He is making His point to me that He is coming very soon.  Way sooner than anyone thinks. Remember the parable Jesus told about the 10 virgins?  Will we have oil in our lamps or are we those Christians who say “ya we know He’s coming at some point”…or are we looking for Him, expectantly. Calling out for Him to come.   The reality is most of the church is unaware and fixated on THEIR lives and needs and homes and….all nice things but Jesus warns us to be ready  and not deceived by satan as we do not know the hour He is coming.  He wants to be the King of our Heart!   Jesus as the Lion of Judah represents His righteous judgement. His fiery anger and warrior spirit to come and make all things new and right.  The reason He gave His life up for us and resurrected was to crush the head of satan in our lives and bring us to the Father in salvation.  He will bring judgement on the earth, separating the sheep from the goats. Today is the day of salvation.



White Horse Vision

November 1, 2012

I was asleep for the night and at around 3:00am I woke up, (this is not unusual for me as I am a light sleeper). I noticed straight ahead on my closet door a small bright light.  As I looked at the light it became larger and larger until it became a large white horse.   I touched my eyes to see if I was awake. I was wide awake. It was like  a hollogram in the center of my room. The white horse was turning in circles with it’s tail raised,  It seemed as though it was saying ‘I’m ready to go!’ It trotted in circles for a bit then it started leaving, heading straight up into my ceiling. (I knew this horse was from Revelation in the bible.)  My ceiling looked like clouds as it headed upwards. The horses head turned into the head of a lion for 2 seconds and it roared at an evil spirit that had been at my bedside bothering me. (We experienced a lot of warfare in the house in Venice) As it disappeared upwards I saw two palm branches on my ceiling. The palm branches symbolize what the Jews wave during The feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles and also what they laid on the ground when Jesus entered Jerusalem before He died. The people cheered and laid palm branches before Him to hail Him as King.  

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and it happened very fast.  I tried to wake my husband up to see it but he would not wake up. He’s a heavy sleeper.

The next morning as I sat down to read my bible I was praying that God would speak to me about the significance of what I saw. I opened my bible not thinking to play bible roulette and I glanced down and noticed I opened exactly to Revelation 19 where it talks about  Jesus coming on a white horse and the saints following him on their white horses.  Seeing this horse with my eyes wide open again woke me up to the times we are living in and the prophetic reality of the days to come.

First wave is imminent

I’ve seen 3 waves of destruction coming since 2012, warning me of tsunami like destruction coming. Each wave grows in strength. The Lord showed me in a series of dreams that the first wave is the church. He has warned me many times to pray or the church will go underground. He told me to “be like Jonah and tell the people destruction is coming”, and “I will shake everything that can be shaken.” I struggle with the same things Jonah did. I have been frustrated that the church became a business and money making entity. I love people but I hate that we’ve turned worship into a marketplace. The church charges $$ for The ministry of The Holy Spirit. They keep the hierarchy in place and the gifts lay stagnant while the celebrity preacher gets all the attention and leads people to himself instead of The Holy Spirit who leads us into ALL truth. I dreamed that the church was an aircraft carrier in the ocean. It began to capsize and go under. As I lay myself down on the deck I screamed and cried to The Lord on behalf of the church and it straightened out. We are at a precipice right now in the church. Many movements are standing against tyranny in this moment. Worshippers and watchmen are standing up to this in the spirit. We need prayer meetings all day everyday to stop what is coming in the spirit against the church. The fact is we needed this to happen a year ago. Trying to stop this wave will prove more difficult right now. I believe it is possible but I also believe it is God allowing the church to face persecution because it will grow the gospel and convict The Church of TRUTH. Like many businesses are shutting down so will the 501c3. Because the church laid stagnant for so long and didn’t heed the warnings they will be forced out of the 501c3. It will in the end be a blessing because true worship will arise during persecution. It already is. Everything we see happen in the natural began in the spirit realm first. This first wave will push the church outside of the institutional walls. Most of the churches in The US are participating with their services outside already. It seems harmless but it is a step towards losing the 501c3. Christians have a tendency to think nothing bad can or will happen to us. Many believe if things get bad we will be raptured right out of here. This is just not the case. In another dream I had, President Trump became aware that the walls of The Church in America were painted white but hollow and about to fall. I have been warning believers of this way before the virus. Our prayers are powerful and the word of God sharper than a two edged sword. The repentance needed is not just personal. It is a CORPORATE repentance for what we have made of The Church of Jesus Christ in America. WE HAVE MADE A MOCKERY OF JESUS IN MANY AREAS. He will have great mercy on us if we repent but the majority of pastors do not believe The Church has missed it. Their discerning of spirits and what is needed is really off. Jesus will not be mocked.

Obama driving the car

I had a short dream last week 6/17/20 of Obama. It’s the first dream I’ve had of him. He was driving a car with some people in it. I was right behind him like a fly on a wall. He sat up turned around looked right at me and started laughing. He did this a few times. It was very sinister. It reminded me of the evil jester vision I had. It creeped me out. The fact that he was driving a car signifies his control over many things going on right now. The New World Order is no secret. What they are willing to do to gain power is fully satanic. Their agenda is DE-population. They were not able to impeach President Trump. They made it look like China brought a virus here. (See dream)

This particular dream made me aware that Obama is orchestrating many things behind the scenes right now and that he has something big planned and it will be happening soon as satan knows he has a short time before The King of ALL Kings appears and puts him away. **Turns out there is a book written on Obama laughing.

Lament for the children

2014. As I lay down to listen to worship one afternoon I was taken into a vision of children running from coming destruction. I saw a massive earthquake shake a city to the ground. I saw children running and frightened. I began to hear a voice singing in the street a beautiful lament. I looked up and saw a large angel standing in the street, singing over all of these children. This voice was so pure and sweet and intense all at once it could have only been The Holy Spirit. I have never heard something so beautiful. I understood that the angel was grieving the children that would suffer & die and be a part of the end destruction and chaos before Jesus return. As I watched the earth shake and destruction come I blurted out, “Lord, why do these kids have to suffer?” And He said to me audibly, “these 7,000 will die so that the most people possible will be saved!” As I thought about this He began to reveal to me that all that happens in the earth is in His mercy so that we will turn to Him and not be lost for eternity. The things that we feel are out of control or that the enemy is doing to destroy are not out of control. He will allow everything to shake (spiritually, physically, emotionally) so that the MOST people possible will look to Him and be saved. When we are at peace and have no cares we tend to forget our first love and not remember eternity because we are so blessed here. He knows how to get our attention and He is long suffering, full of love and will prepare us for the coming judgement. What is coming in the earth before Jesus comes is not going to be easy for anyone. There will be death and destruction and many hard things. More than we would know how to deal with if we didn’t trust Him and know His plan of redemption for all of mankind. We will have to awaken & trust Him that He is doing what He always has. Just like through the blindness of Israel He brought into His kingdom the gentiles. If Israel had not gone astray would we be saved? He alone knows what will bring the biggest harvest in the earth. If we trust Him He WILL do a redemptive work in our midst. The Spirit of God sees the entire picture and is more concerned with New Life and Eternity than we are. He is making all things new. Peace and safety will not bring the harvest and the awakening of Jesus Bride. The false prophets of old spoke of peace and safety to Israel and God made it clear they are not hearing from Him. The earth is passing away and a new creation with resurrection, eternal life is our future. A new Heaven & new earth will come. All that Jesus spoke of will come to pass. Our greatest gift is Jesus, hearing His voice and hiding in His presence….now. He is our reward now and in eternity. He will always prepare us for what is to come if we will trust Him and look to Him over idols.

Gathering Together NOW

Passover 2020
As a follower of Jesus who rose from the grave 2000 years ago I want to exhort those who believe to think about what is happening right now. We are in a time where a virus and the news has caused believers to sit back in fear and “stay home”. Just as afraid to die as those who have no God. Wether we are nice rule followers or just don’t like to rock the boat, churches are not meeting. No one is gathering to pray and worship and fight the virus and evil together in prayer the way we were taught to by Jesus. We should be gathering in homes to worship and pray and obey HIM. The virus has become bigger than the church. This virus is only the beginning. While everyone stays home the enemy is still gathering. Satanists don’t rest. Did Jesus follow every man made rule or did He follow The Father? He WAS trouble. There will come a time sooner than we might think that we won’t be able to meet without getting arrested or killed. Are we going to sit back in fear? Are we going to follow the rules set by an evil cabal to look moral? Do we think that early Christians or those in China underground had no threats of viruses and death? It didn’t stop them. How big is your Jesus? The one I know to be alive is Head of His church and calls us His Bride. He is returning shortly.
Jesus broke a few rules….He healed on the sabbath (Jews Holy Day) The Pharisees wanted to arrest Him. Trouble. Jesus hung out with the sinners….trouble. He hung out with women….trouble and on and on until His own killed Him. He didn’t come to make a political statement, He came to heal and offer life. He told us not to love our lives and to lay it down for others and that is where we find HIM. Instead, fear of a virus is keeping the church away. He gave us His Holy Spirit to ask Him to save, heal, and work on our behalf, to hide us in the shadow of His wings-Do we really trust Him? He died and rose from the dead so that we would live eternally. I don’t know about you but my love for Him doesn’t rest during a virus or government apocalypse. It does what The Father said to do. What about all the innocent Christians killed ALL OVER THE WORLD daily. Do we know why they are killed? Because THEY GATHERED. Against all threats.
On this Holy Day remembering Jesus death and life we are given another opportunity to repent and follow Him fully. No weapon formed against us will prosper. I dare you to meet with your friends and pray and worship in honor of The Messiah who rose from the grave. 🙏🏻❤️

We have a window of time


10 years ago I began having wide awake visions of Jesus return & circumstances surrounding it. I’ve seen Jesus coming imminently quite a few times and many of the things God spoke to me about will happen soon.

As of the last three years I have been having dreams & visions of behind the scenes stuff pertaining to President Trump. I was not a fan of his in the beginning until Jesus showed me what’s happening. I wanted to mention to anyone who prays that I believe God is going to use Trump to bring judgement to government, Hollywood and the Church. I have seen 3 waves of destruction coming for many years. The waves get larger as each one passes. The church is the first wave. I have tried to warn people for years but most church goers don’t want to hear anything I say because it’s “negative” or scary. I’m at the point in my life where God has graciously freed me from caring about my reputation.

The first wave is going to hit the church. If we do not take this time to pray & ask for mercy and repent of the white washed walls/tombs it will be a different world. If we pray He will cover and protect but pull apart our man made ideas of church. We know that He will shake everything that can be shaken. The church will be shaken too.

-I dreamed just this week that Trump was at a church, attending a service. From afar the building itself was white and beautiful looking, but up close you could see the brush strokes of years of painting over cracked walls. Trump opened a cupboard and it cracked & it fell apart like it was eaten by termites or rotten from water damage. I as well pushed in a wall w my finger and it did the same. The imminent feeling I had was that the whole house was about to fall. There was a church service going on that was a performance to please the church goers not true worship of God. Once I saw this large house was about to crumble I began yelling & warning people that it is going to fall down. I ran outside as many followed. Many stayed inside looking around wondering if it would collapse and not knowing what to do. Nobody prayed. President Trump had gathered the children to protect them and carefully get them out. Then the dream ended.

A few weeks ago another dream warned me as I saw a wave coming towards the church. In it, as well, I heard, “if we don’t pray now, this will get worse.”

I’ve had many other visions about how the church institution has turned into a restaurant that serves people but is lacking worship in Spirit and Truth. Pray with me that we as His Bride will take our place and with The Spirit of God groan and pray for the truth to light up the walls of His Church/Bride. Jesus warned us to have oil in our lamps. His church is not a building but if we are white washed tombs we need to repent.

He is merciful and long suffering. The Spirit and the Bride are ONE and we say, “Come Lord Jesus!”

Dream- Hilary Clinton


I had a dream that I was in a Government building walking around like I worked there. I looked over and suddenly saw Hilary Clinton lying on the floor of a shower dying. No one was paying attention so I went over to her. She had an assistant w her. She was yelling and in pain. I asked her if she knew Jesus and she barked back at me, “Jesus?! I don’t want your Jesus!”

This same scene happened two other times where I tried to help her when I saw her. She didn’t want help or Jesus. Last scene she was sitting in a wheelchair and saw me walk by. Right when she saw me she got up out of the wheelchair and said to me, “I feel so much better, I wrote a book would you like a copy?” And she handed me her new book. I walked away thinking, she must be preparing to run for President again. End.

We must worship/pray now

January 25, 2020

The Lord has been speaking a timely, urgent, simple word to my heart for some time now. Now is the time to gather together daily to worship and pray scripture. We need His living water/truth and many souls especially the children need salvation. Many have never even heard His name. The church needs repentance and healing. This is how….He has been teaching me the role of the midwife and how when there is a baby coming the midwife will break the bag of waters and be the birth stool to help labor along. The midwife groans with the pregnant woman as she endures the pain and pushes out new life. This is a beautiful picture of what we do in the spirit with The Holy Spirit leading and groaning to bring forth JESUS!!! It is those who are intercessors that will be experiencing this in The Spirit. He wants to return for a Bride that wants Him over everything else.

Worship and prayer in Spirit and truth breaks the spiritual bag of waters all over the earth. It’s a flood that will be opened by our oneness with The Spirit. These waters are LIVING water from Gods throne. (Rev22 Ez 47). He has poured out this water for 2000 years beginning in Acts 2. If we want this spiritual water to flood the earth one last time and go to the nations we must worship and call on the name of the Lord while we can. The angels harken unto the word of God! Pray the word, fight the good fight. Wash feet, heal leper’s and stir up trouble like Jesus did everywhere you go for the sake of His plan.

A few years ago I received a vision of a beautiful, large clear bag of waters sitting on our old property in Venice where I experienced the most warfare and worship I ever have. ((My grandparents built the house and worshiped Jesus there for 50+ years. My brother & family lived there for 9 years, worshipping. We lived there for 5 years, worshipping daily & waking up to this right here. ))

In this vision the Lord showed me ripping open that bag of water and it flooded the Westside of Los Angeles.

The Spirit and the bride say “come!”

Warning Dream


I had a dream twice about six months ago that people were freaking out they wouldn’t have enough supplies, food and water. A man was going around w a gun to his neighbors to steal. I yelled at him and said, “put your gun away no one will trust you”. I offered him to come in to my house and take what he needed. I saw people looking scared, not knowing what was going on. I saw waves from the ocean coming in to supermarkets and homes. A woman stood up and said loudly, “if we don’t pray this will get worse.” As I had this dream I felt the Spirit of God causing me to intercede. Like birth pains.

Dream- President Trump & Hollywood. Evil government threatening Trump.

2020 Long Dream. I was in Malibu helping someone decorate for a restaurant party red carpet event There were celebrities coming through and we made the entrance nice. Me and an older lady decorating met Trump there and we all decided that it would be a good idea to wear black hooded cloaks (symbolizing death) next to the red carpet entrance where these celebrities entered. So we stood there and watched as Hollywood celebrities came through. Trump stayed on the outside with us.

Next scene Trump is driving a kids choo choo train. He has gathered together many Chinese kids and a few others. My sons were with me & we were sitting directly behind Trump who was driving. I jumped in this train and was told that we would not have many supplies where we were going. We were grabbing things off the street and from hotels as we passed by to make sure we had a few clothes to wear. Trump was driving the whole time but going fairly slow because if he went faster kids could fall out. This train was just like the one at Griffith park with only the seats, nothing on top. Trump has a small receiver and he starts talking to Epstein and some other person like Hilary & Pelosi in The capital building. They are clearly threatening him.

Trump finally sunk down in his seat & told me he didn’t know what to do because they were threatening him that they would make it look like they would have an attack sent by China. Turns out all those Chinese kids were being threatened to be killed by evil people like Epstein and crew if Trump turned them in. Trump was trying to save the kids but was also having trouble getting by their road block & didn’t want anyone else hurt. Trump was exhausted and gave up for a moment so I grabbed the radio and talked to the creeps telling them to back off. Then we arrived and as these creepy people sprinted out of a building that looked like The House of Representatives, to take these kids, I flew away. One demonically possessed woman flew after me but I flew away and she couldn’t grab me.

Dream- The President bombing an old bridge

2020- Dream: Trump was throwing small bombs at a large block of cement that was like a massive bridge to another side. It was put there to shield what the satanic in government are doing and planning. I was aware that it would be a huge effort for him to get to the other side. It was a cement bridge or column that no one could cross.

Trump bombed it numerous times (40 +) slowly but surely the small bombs made a big enough crack in the cement and he quickly ran to the other side. Once he ran through there was a door & other tracks & obstacles put quickly in place and it shut right after he ran through and no one else could go with him.

Dream of white washed church about to fall.

Last week 3/26/20 I dreamed I was going into a church that looked beautiful from a distance. It was Victorian looking and there was a worship service going. I heard the worship and it sounded very digital and like a show or a performance. Not directed towards God.

I saw a man I knew 20 years ago from a big church I attended that collapsed & he was about to preach.

Then I am standing next to President Trump. He is putting his coat away to go sit down but as he closes the closet it cracks and falls apart like termites ate the wood but it was water logged. I then pressed on a door frame and the same thing happened. It was as though termites or water had eaten the whole house. Up close I could see years of white paint brush strokes on the walls to attempt to keep it nice. I began yelling this house is going to fall, get out!!! Trump went and helped the kids get out safely. I ran and broke through a wall and many followed. The house still didn’t collapse so I went back in and stood there and watched as ppl went on like nothing was wrong. I knew in my gut it would go down and could only have been held together by God. End.

Dream of spy’s in the water.


I dreamed that I was at the beach and as the waves receded there were many black limousines that would pop up from the sea all together, spying on us. As the waves rolled in they would disappear. There were Chinese men in black limos spying on us. It was an eerie feeling to see this.

Then I was in a city and a Chinese man told me that they had infiltrated America since the 80’s and are waiting for the perfect time to take over. He told me he could kill me right now if he wanted and then he walked away.

False Gospel, false Jesus

May 1, 2019

“I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed. For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. For I would have you know, brothers, that the gospel that was preached by me is not man’s gospel. For I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Galatians 1:6-12

Repentance will lead the way

It just doesn’t add up. What I read in the word of God and what I see happening in the church. It seems the majority of the church wants a book deal or a record deal or ministry and to put on a nice Sunday show for the paying onlookers. True followers of Jesus do not make merchandise of Him. The BOOK has already been written and by the looks of things not too many are actually reading it or aware of who Jesus is and He Jesus IS returning.

So while the Muslims prepare for jihad and know their Quran by heart and pray 5 times a day and know the times we are in, we continue with fables and merchandise. What will it take to wake up His sleepy bride? She’s grown weary and tired of waiting and has let the oil out of her lamp.

So much in the church to repent for and yet we continue as though we have all the time in the world. We don’t.



Many are preaching repentance, but repentance of what? If we are in the global church system we are desensitized to how money rules inside of Jesus Bride. She has been selling herself to record labels and money ministries for quite some time. Those who consider themselves part of Jesus true Bride must come out of the Babylonian system and begin to worship in TRUTH. If you are living in deception come out and follow Jesus word. Simply like a child. You can’t worship God if you don’t live in His truth and perpetuate all that He showed us He was for & against. Flipping money tables in the temple is where Jesus showed us on display how He felt about selling and buying in His Father’s temple. How can leaders of the church keep perpetuating this system, preaching blessing when tribulation is coming soon and very few are ready to endure it.

Dream of Jesus

I dreamed I was in a town in Israel following Jesus around wherever He went. The roads were dirt and many followed Him. I tried to get as close as possible to Him. He saw me looking at Him intently and with many people surrounding Him He said to me, “meet me at the cafe down the street.”

I walked down to this cafe and Jesus was sitting there waiting for me. I was so excited I couldn’t believe it! He took my hand as we sat there and said to me, “I see that you have great love for Me…..I gave you that love for Me.”

While many false teachings in the church are contrary to scripture and whose aim it is to, “build us up”, the Spirit is desiring to humble us to see that we have nothing but Jesus and can’t even love Him without His grace. We have no love to give Jesus without the Spirit expressly giving us the adoration for Him.


Vision of children

January 11, 2019

I had a vision this am after praying that I was on the streets of Santa Barbara looking down on many groups of children. I was interceding for them as I passed them and the Lord had me wipe my hand over them and they were covered and hidden from danger to come.

God has been speaking to me about something coming imminently and that the kids have to be covered or it will harm them.


The Testimony Of Jesus

I want to share this because I feel it can help as a reminder of why we experience pain and suffering….

I had been experiencing a lot of strange warfare and getting discouraged by the relentless pursuit of the enemy in my life. Even though I have God’s Spirit and presence any time I’d like to enter in and have many amazing experiences with Him I am overall feeling like this “seer” thing is not something I would ever ask for. It’s a hard road to walk down to be discerning yet in order to gain true understanding in any given situation, I usually have to see a spirit and deal with it. The Lord has encouraged me many times that I am gaining ground by dealing with spirits that come after my family or friends. I have begun to see that this is the “new normal” for my walk with God. The “thorn in my flesh”.

*Last week I was having a pity party a bit and feeling like “why me” when it comes to seeing this creepy stuff almost daily. It was honesty waring on me and I asked the Lord to send His angel Michael to come and bring spiritual order to some of the spirits we were dealing with. I did this once before and he came and things got better for a while. I did this because in the midst of these battles the angels are  ministers of the Spirits fire and battle for us.

A week after praying for help I had a dream that I was somewhere in a battle and an angel came and picked me up and put me on the ground taking me away from the battle.  He gave me a hug and I asked him if he was Michael. He said “yes”. I asked Him why I was experiencing so much warfare. I felt I needed to know if I was missing something. Michael then says to me, “that sounds like a great question for an email….I have to go!” And off He went to fight more battles.

I had no idea what he meant by email. Seemed strange to me but the following day I had my answer. As I woke from a nap I felt someone place a phone on my ear. It startled me a bit but these types of things have become the new normal. Then as I lay there awake I heard and saw a woman in heaven speaking to me through this phone line. It was like we were FaceTiming. She said in her cool African accent,

”in response to your email, you have forgotten about the testimony of Jesus.”

I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit very strong and sat up, grabbed my guitar and began to worship Jesus. She was right, I was forgetting why Jesus came and what His testimony is. He came to lay His life down and die for His friends. I was not doing that in my complaining. I am convinced that these trials we face, even though very difficult, are part of the suffering Jesus went through and how we suffer with Him and see what He saw and live the way He did to the point of death. The disciples considered it an extreme honor to endure pain for Christ. I must do the same.

Falling in love with our Savior seems to come with much suffering and pain in this life but so much hope and love if we keep our eyes fixed on His heart and face as the Bible tells us to.

The Lord has given me the understanding of His word & these visions and dreams so that I will share and be bold. I haven’t been. I’ve let pastors shut me down and put the music He gave me on the back burner. Going forward His testimony is the most important thing I can proclaim. His coming and the prophecy left to be fulfilled must be heralded in His church before He comes. His desire to save the most people possible in the end has yet to come to pass and we have to be ready for destruction. In the end, persecution and destruction will bring the greatest harvest ever seen on the earth.


Bag of Waters vision

We spent five years living in a very dark area of Los Angeles in Venice beach. The amount of warfare we experienced in this home was beyond anything I knew was possible. It was like watching the show “ghost hunters” where people search out and attempt to kick out spirits that are bothering people. We had many strong Christians experienced in warfare come to pray and kick spirits out but to no avail. This place was dark.  That was where we lived. We found out later there was a man who had rented the guest house years earlier and been into witchcraft. He placed bones etc in the corners of the yard. The Lord knew his would happen and used it to wake us up.

I consider this experience like basic training for the battle we are in in the Spirit.  The Lord put us right in the middle of it and then taught us how to call on Him and His kingdom to move on us and in us.  The more I worshipped and prayed the more attack I would receive but He was teaching me to worship, day and night. He was teaching me about angels and demons and His sovereignty. He was teaching me through this suffering to cling to Him and that He is trustworthy and will always come when we call on Him. I never needed Him so desperately and practically. He had shown me many times rain pouring out into our home from heaven. This living water He speaks of in Ezekiel 47, is for the healing of the nations and will flood the earth. He was getting me in line with His plan and telling me Jesus was coming very soon.

“From the days of John the Baptist until now, The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.”  ~Matthew 11:12

So after we moved out of that home and moved to a place where we experienced freedom from this oppression for the first time in 5 years, I began asking the Lord to speak to me about why that tormenting situation had to take place. I wanted to hear from Him. One afternoon He gave me a clear vision:

I was awake and instantly looking at the property where the demons were. I saw five bulldozers with fiery demonic eyes tilling the ground there. These represented the darkness. The next scene was a large bag of crystal clear water sitting on top of this soil. Then the scene changes to our current home and I see a bag of water as well. I see myself tearing open this smaller bag of water and it begins to flood. Then I am tearing open the huge bag at our old home and I’m caught up in this water like a flood. I was swimming in it and it felt like a strong current and was like womb water. Warm and perfect. I didn’t feel afraid but I did feel caution as this flood was strong.

The next scene is the water subsiding and going into the ground. As this happens I see a hand come and dig into the ground in front of me and reveal a hidden cave. In this cave was hidden food and silver and this hand picked them up and showed them to me. Then the hand put a gold ring on my right hand ring finger. End

My interpretation is the enemy was used as a tool to chastise and correct the direction of my life and to prepare the way for the worship and prophecy and bag of living water to collect there. He spoke to me that this was one “bag of waters” that will flood the earth to purify His bride right before Jesus comes. Worshippers are like the midwives who open the bag of waters so the baby can come. “The Spirit and the bride say come”. This living water is collecting all over the earth where there is worship in Spirit and truth.   This means the truth of the word of God and the TRUE Spirit of God not false dark angels. He has been pouring it out for 2000 years and is getting ready to flood and save and prepare us for the tribulation. I believe once this water subsides we need to be ready for the end and His coming. The wedding ring symbolized the marriage supper of the Lamb that is coming.

I have no doubt this is a vision from the Lord but we should always test the spirits in what we read. Ask God for revelation and hold it up to the word of God.




I was praying and in a state of frustration, crying out to the Lord one afternoon. I wanted Him to speak to me and was asking Him what He wanted me to do for Him. I was asking Him why He had given me visions and dreams etc. and how they pertain to my life. It felt like a cross roads for me personally, directionally.
I finally stopped speaking and in a clear voice I heard Him say, “you are going to tell people that I AM coming very soon.”

My reaction was one of thankfulness for Him being so specific and merciful to my desire to serve Him but also I felt helpless. Who will ever believe me on this? Who am I to tell anyone this truth. Sure those who see visions and dreams and know the Bible well and tremble at His word know very well He’s coming imminently but the rest of the body are not real interested in changing church services or direction to incorperate this message. The prophetic message of Jesus ACTUALLY coming soon is ironically not popular in the churches I’ve been in for 43 years so I understand the weight of being one of the crazy people telling people He IS coming. I’ve had many reactions so far from pastors, one being, “That’s nice Kristin, why don’t you write that down and email it to your friends?”

I think many Christians don’t want Jesus to come. In my experience we are enamoured with this life and our own world, families and plans more than we are enamoured with the One who ransomed us. The idea of being so in love with Jesus that we pray daily for Him to return is left as how the early Christian’s felt because they walked with Him.   Ive heard believers say things like, “well we know He’s coming at some point, just be ready.” Or, “ya they thought He was coming in the 60’s but He didn’t.”

Revelation 1:3 says:

“Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.”

According to Matthew 24 we know that we CAN know the season but we will not know the day or the hour.  Verse 44 says,  “Therfore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”  All throughout the scripture the Lord is merciful and warns His people as to what’s coming. Why would He stop now? We CAN know and will know. He has His people that are listening intently to His voice for no other reason than to be close to Him and do His will. Not for a ministry or a record deal or money.

There is a teaching that has gone through the church ironically, only in the last 80 years or so, that the church will be raptured out of tribulation. I personally would love for this to take place, who wouldn’t?  This teaching leaves us feeling safe and that we don’t need to prepare so much for what’s coming. It implies that Jesus will just basically take us away from all the evil that will ensue.  It’s important to study these things because if the pre-tribulation rapture of the church doesn’t happen we need to be spiritually, emotionally and physically ready for the times ahead. You don’t prepare for war the day before you are put on the front lines. You train for years if you want to be a useful soldier. Satan will be using His power to deceive like in the days of Noah, so if you think we will just have the power to withstand Him in those days think again. Unless we have cultivated an intimate relationship with His word we take a risk. Now is the time to draw so close to Him. 2Thessalonians 2 talks about how there will be a great “falling away” of the elect who will be possibly deceived by satans power. Satan has power and massive demons who masquerade as light beings and convince men and women of God that they are experiencing The Spirit of God. The great deception is that Satan will be the power behind false signs and wonders done with great power. Yes great power that can even make people fall over, feel warm or cold and can give chills. Satan copies everything God does, He has nothing original. Be intimate with the Father and test the spirits!  The enemy knows his time is short and will lead people of God to be deceived into many false teachings and demonic strongholds. If you think you can’t be deceived you don’t know your enemy and you already are….it’s time to wake up to the season we are in. The times prophecied of in Daniel, Matthew and Revelation are right around the corner.

The Spirit and the bride say “come Lord Jesus!” So if we are in the Spirit we are crying out for our bridegroom to come.


Jesus Coming, saints cheering in heaven

On 12-11-13   Please hold all of this up to the word.

I had an awake vision.  I closed my eyes for a second and the ceiling disappeared above me.  I was then in the backyard of a Jewish childhood friend. Everyone was eating and talking and enjoying themselves.  Having a party, I believe the feast of Tabernacles as that is when Jews eat and drink outside, also called Sukkoth or feast of booths. I looked up and my eyes were taken up to where I could see and hear the saints in heaven all lined up on a long road. They were cheering for Jesus as He walked through on His white horse. To the left of this road in the dark sky (space) I saw three tiers of angels in a circle. Jesus was about to come through that circle. I also saw a very large angel in the night sky just below the road. Then My eyes were taken to the left of the tiers of angels and I saw a dragon (satan) on a chariot headed straight down to earth. This was satan. It is prophesied that he will be thrown down to earth by Michael the arch angel. Revelation 12

I prayed for a long time for the meaning of this vision. The Lord showed me that the Jewish feast was Sukkot or The Feast of Tabernacles. The saints in heaven were cheering for Jesus who was making His entrance in heaven to His saints on Sukkot and the saints were cheering with those Jews who were celebrating the feast on earth waving their palm branches. The Lord also showed me that His entrance was just like the one He made on earth coming into Jerusalem on a donkey while saints cheered and waved palm branches. The first time He came to die this time He is preparing to come as King of Kings (on a white horse not a donkey) and Lord of Lords and to establish His kingdom on earth. He is coming as a mighty warrior to crush the works of satan in the earth and to establish His kingdom here.

Ezekial 47 vision


Back in 1999 I was up in the night time praying and had a vision. At the time I did not know what I saw was perfectly depicted in this chapter of Ezekiel 47.

As the vision began I looked around and was in the same spot where I was praying.  It’s as though I was wide awake.  I saw a small river or stream coming out from underneath the home I lived in. It was flowing in one direction and I saw trees on either side of it with one large plant in the middle of this river. I saw Moses with a beard, in the center of the river throwing his arms up in the air in elation that this water was rising. The water was at his knees. End of vision. I pondered what this meant for a couple of weeks. I was speaking to my mom about what I had seen and she said read Ezekiel 47. As I read it, it was exactly as I saw it in my dream.

Ezekial 47 is a man measuring the river that is being poured out by The Spirit. The river (also spoken of in Revelation 22) is described as a river that is rising. At the time of this prophetic dream the water was at his knees.  That was in the year 1999.

Ezekiel speaks of the water going from his ankles to his knees to his waiste to a river that you had to swim in. This river of water is for the healing of the nations. This is living water that saves and heals and that proceeds from the throne of God. Though it’s not seen with natural eyes, it is a river that exists & has risen over the last 2000 years. It will flood the nations with salvation and healing to bring purity to the bride of Jesus before He comes.

“And it shall be that every living thing that moves, wherever the rivers go, will live. There will be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters go there; for they will be healed and everything will live wherever the river goes.”

Ezekiel 47:9

As I worship all these years I have many times experienced rain pouring out on my face or seeing rain coming down from heaven with my eyes wide open.  He is showing me that worship in spirit and truth pours out His living water and that river rises.  It is so important that we minister to the God of heaven and earth in Spirit and Truth.



Living Water and His standard in the end

The Lord is raising the standard of holiness that the church is used to. No longer will a lack of purity and desire for purity and holiness (set apart for Him) be ok. He IS Coming and is coming for a bride who is pure and ready for her bridegroom. The GREAT news of His grace in this last hour is that He raises the standard but He will dump out His Spirit on His bride so much so that holiness will ensue. We will be pure if we are His.  He does it, as it is written, “it’s not by might, not by power but by my Spirit say’s the Lord.”  Zechariah 4:6

I had a vision of Ezekial 47 where the waters are rising. The waters that goes from his ankles, to his knees, to his waist to a river that you must swim in because it is too deep and powerful. It is a river of living water from the throne of God. Revelation 22  God showed me that we can speed up this outpouring if we join with the Spirit of God and worship and cry out for this living water to dump out on the earth. We affect Gods heart.

Many saints have rightly spent their lives in communion with Him crying out for His spirit to be poured out in the earth, that the harvest would be reaped. In these last days He will draw attention to what He has always said about knowing Him and a desire to be with Him the bridegroom.  To experience and know Him, that’s what He wants!  This is about Him and His work in us and His desire for a pure bride. We are responding to Him. We are sheep who go astray and He is a good shepherd to make atonement for us and ready us for His Kingdom!

We will now look to Jesus and Him alone. No preacher or other person we idolize or thing we love will come close to our intimacy and literal visceral desire for Him. We will study the word to KNOW Him intimately. He will lead us to the Father and the Father’s heart.  Not in a churchy religious way, in a visceral real way. Nothing less will do.

The Spirit of God has been pouring out since the day of Pentecost. In a vision He showed me clearly that He is collecting the living water in spiritual houses or bags of water where those who call out for Him to pour out and come quickly are worshiping day and night! At The Father’s perfect time He will break the bag of waters over the earth to save as many as will come to Him and to purify us and clear the way for Jesus to come! Rev. 22:17 Hmmm sounds a bit like birth doesn’t it? 🙂

Just like in the days of Noah when man was doing nothing but evil God in His wrath poured out physical water in a flood to wipe out the evil men who were doing nothing but plotting evil daily.  So now in this New Covenant He will break open the healing waters full of power and life over the earth. Because of the Fathers wrath being appeased once and for all in Jesus sacrifice, we reap the living water in the New Covenant rather than the water of death in the old as God promised He would never physically flood the earth again. He will bring life and salvation with this supernatural flood and we pray billions will be saved.

The birth pains in the earth are growing and will continue to grow like a woman in labor. In fact the “rim” in the center of the Pacific will be the main place where we will see the volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. 85% of the worlds earthquakes etc has been on the Pacific Rim historically. The labor will continue, the bag of waters will be opened and dumped out and the perfect Son of God will be revealed and come to be received by His bride.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.  Revelation 22:17

Wave from the south

I had a vision on Mothers Day 2013. This vision felt as though it was really happening to me while I was awake.  I was standing out by the shore in Venice Beach where we lived at the time when all of a sudden a clear, STRONG wave came rapidly up the coast from the south part of California (San Diego). It came at me very fast like a wall of water. It knocked me on my back and pushed me inland about a mile or so. I was frightened in the vision as I was under water, then I remembered that I was in a vision and I began to breath. A man (I believe Jesus) came to me who looked like a paramedic and stuck his hand down to me to lift me up out of the water. End.

The water was crystal clear and usually signifies the Holy Spirit when clear. Other wave visions and dreams that I’ve had have dark water and destruction which signify the working of satan.

In the same week I had the above vision I also had a large clear wave come through my bedroom, feeling the sprays of water and feeling the Spirit. He is making His point very clear.:)

This wave or revival will be stronger than any thing we have experienced as a church since the upper room in Acts 2. It will knock us on our backs, humble us, and we will look up at the author of our lives, our creator who is from everlasting to everlasting! He will not share His glory and He WILL purify His Son’s bride to be ready for her bridegroom.


Helicopter and waves

November 23, 2014
This was a warning dream and it correlates with other dreams I’ve had about three waves coming on America. The waves are symbols of destruction.
My husband and I were in a helicopter above the ocean where many people were swimming and “resting” (Zechariah 1:11) in the water. They were floating happily along like on vacation. No worries.  In our helicopter Scott and I could look out into the distance and see three significantly sized tsunami waves coming straight at all these people and they could not see them. We started to yell, “get out of the water! Tsunami is coming”, but only a few listened and headed the warning.
Then the first wave came in strong and receded and many were dead. The second came in and more died. The third came in and it knocked Scott and I down to the ground from the helicopter and we found a building and ran to the top with others we grabbed along the way.
After the last wave was gone we took all the people around us to a safe house. When we arrived a man that looked identical to Abraham Lincoln with a Catholic Priests collar on greeted us. He took them in and helped them with food etc.

Then the dream changed and I became like a fly on a wall and I was able to see this man (Abe Lincoln w priest collar) going from room to room in the house, sleeping with many different women. He was hiding it from everyone around him. I was aware that even though he was taking people in to help them he was sinister and had his own plan. He was “in bed” with many others and hiding this fact. This goes along with another dream I had where I was fully aware that “they” were planning this.
I believe the three waves are three hardships coming on America soon… in Government, Hollywood and the church. I believe the church is the first wave of destruction. The satanic element going on all over the world is organized and ready to take over. Satan has an army and is very aware that Jesus is on His way. The government itself has historically entered into bed with the evil one that has plans to destroy people and have full power over them. The “deep state” in the government is getting their power from the evil one. In the dream,  Abraham Lincoln signifies America and the Catholic church or Rome, aligning to help people but they are “in bed” with many other countries & wicked spirits who are looking to build a One World Government. This is their goal and it is satanic at its core. We know that God will use all of satans plans and schemes to bring as many people into the kingdom of God as possible in these last days but we must pray. God uses satan as a tool to bring about His will.


Dream of terrorists in a school


This was another warning dream. I had a dream that I was on top of a school building with my husband. There were three waves coming at us. The first was about 10 ft high and we were able to go under it. The second wave was about 30ft high and we somehow went over it. The third wave came and was 50 ft high and scary. I said to my husband “how will we make it over that one?” He told me we would be “ok”. (This is the second dream of three waves.)

Then the scene changes to a classroom down below where a couple of terrorists were using guns to intimidate a teacher and the kids. I told the terrorist to take me instead of the kids and he looked at me oddly. So he took me instead of killing anyone and rushed me into another room. He asked me why I was willing to die for those kids and I said “I am going to heaven to be with Jesus”. He looked at me in amazement and was actually impressed that I would die for those kids in my faith. End

There are people like myself all over the world having these dreams of terrorism in schools and churches against Christians and our children. This is real.

Pray for the children


January 14, 2013

After a conversation with my mom speaking about prophecy and Jesus I put the phone down and laid my head on the pillow.  As I closed my eyes I instantly found myself in a rapid vision. (Not my imagination, full technicolor movie while awake)

I was caught up in the clouds up above Venice and I first saw a brownish tan lambs head peaking thru the clouds.  It startled me but I understood it was Jesus peering through, ready to appear. Then I was caught up quickly or transported  into the sky looking down on Venice from above and a thirty foot thick wave, like a tsunami wave had overtaken the city and there were hundreds of children laying dead in the wave. This wave was not clear it was murky.  He then showed me a cross section of the wave and took me closer until I saw a little girl from my sons preschool. Two hands took her gently and handed her to me.

Then there appeared a large angel up in the sky again, with a pointed cap on his head and he held a cone shaped megaphone. This angel yelled loudly 3 X, “HE IS COMING”.  This was also written across the sky in bold capital letters like above. The last thing I saw was the number 5 and the letter F written across the sky like this: F 5

An F 5 hurricane or tornado is the strongest fastest storm there is on earth. The visions I’ve had of Jesus return are always very urgent. I am concerned that many Christians are asleep to the fact that the time is short. He has to come and we must believe what He said in Revelation, “behold I am coming quickly.” The church is notorious for saying things like “ya they thought He was coming in the 60’s” or “we know He’s coming at some point.” They miss the point being that it is our calling to proclaim that Jesus is coming, not just once a year. Our worship of the Father in spirit and truth should involve calling out for Jesus to come to us, His waiting bride. Also, if we have ears to hear, Jesus said we will know the season.  A few things have to happen first but we are closer than we’ve ever been! 😉

Subsequently, the little girl handed to me from the wave came to know Jesus in hanging out with us.  The Lord prophesied it then He did it.  The children dead in the wave are the ones that are being over taken by the enemy of this world. He charges us to pray for the children. The generation of children right now is being attacked in ways we never were.  The Lord is always telling me to pray for the children.

He is coming!


The Rim

March 13, 2013

I had a vision quickly before falling asleep of a map of the world with a line going thru the pacific rim and light coming from it to light up the rim like fire. I heard The Lord say “the rim”.  I didn’t know until the next day when I looked it up that the Pacific Rim hosts 85% of the earths earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.  Since this vision I have followed many earthquakes along the rim.

Ultimately I believe that the Pacific Rim is where we will see most of the birth pains of the earth before and during Jesus return. It’s not a coincidence that the rim is a circle. The symbolism of birth pains happening in a circular area of the earth where major “storms” take place is not a coincidence. We can watch the rim and see that the earth is experiencing birth pains until the revealing of the King of Kings.



Everything that can be shaken

November 30, 2015

After my nap on 11/30/15 I woke up and had a vision. I saw water coming inland from the ocean as I have in a few other dreams as of the last few months. It is a wave that comes about a mile inland.  I saw children dying in it and adults jumping in trying to save them and as they do they are lost as well.  It is a tsunami wave.

At the end of the vision the Lord spoke and told me that “Everything that can be shaken will be shaken”.

Saints all over the world are having dreams and visions of waves coming on this earth.

This wave symbolizes darkness coming for the kids in a way that feels like a tsunami. The sheer force of a tsunami leaves devastation in its path. We as believers must be praying for our children covering them daily with scripture and teaching them who God is. What will come when satan is given access to destroy will be more than even some Christians can handle. The word says “even the elect will be deceived.” If we are not stable on the rock of Christ we will be shaken and deceived. The warnings are everywhere. Pray the word.


Dream of Isis coming


I had a dream that was clear as day and very real. I was in Washington D.C. at the  Pentagon and there was a large window of glass many of us were looking out on. Two brown U.S. Helicopters flew in out of no where. They landed quickly and men began running out yelling with swords in their hands. They were coming right at us. They were terrorists. Everyone was looking around like how did they get in here, these are U.S. helicopters. They bypassed security. These terrorists ran inside and began grabbing people. I was there, present in the dream with those in the Pentagon. A terrorist came up to me and asked me if I was a Christain. I said “yes”.  The terrorist said “sorry sweetie”, and took a knife to my throat and sliced it. In the dream I was afraid and felt the cut but then realized I was dreaming and could breath so I woke up. This dream left me feeling warned about something coming.  It goes along with what many others are dreaming in the world. I don’t have fear in me about this kind of thing but have posted it as a warning to pray for our country and government. We are covered by Gods amazing right hand and we need to continue to pray.


About this blog

This blog is about The God of Israel and HIS testimony. The Lord has given these dreams and visions to wake me up and wake others up to His coming. The bible itself is a prophecy of the events leading up to Jesus coming the first time to die, resurrect and cut a new covenant. We are now seeing the events leading up to His coming the second time as King of Kings to restore all things back to Himself the creator and crush evil forever.  The church is His bride who follows Him intimately, fears Him over all evil and is aware and ready for His return. (Revelation 19:7)  I believe His bride is waiting and looking and calling out to Him now in worship and prayer in anticipation of His return and are knowing the signs of the times as Jesus said in Matthew 24. Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice” and “narrow is the gate that leads to life and few find it”.

Most of the time when I have a vision I am awake with my eyes closed and praying or worshipping. A few times I have experienced open eyed visions.  I usually see a movie like a scenario on the back of my eyelids in color. It’s like watching a movie but with God giving me understanding.  I always find what I see in the visions connected in the scripture.  They are warnings. My visions are not scripture and they are only to confirm what God has already said prophetically and to highlight what He wants me to see and intercede for that is coming. All through the bible God warns His people of things to come, good and bad.   Prophecy is spoken way ahead of time and doesn’t usually take place for many years but The word is full of ripe prophecies ready to come to pass when the Lord sees fit. He is waking up His sleepy bride.

Below are a few key points God has highlighted to me in scripture and confirmed to me.

~we are in the last days spoken of in Daniel and Revelation.

-Jesus is coming very quickly, quicker than the church is planning on or ready for currently.

~God who is full of loving kindness and mercy will exercise judgement and righteousness as the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Jeremiah 9:23,24

Ezekiel 47-Living Water from the throne of God and The Lamb will overwhelm/flood the earth supernaturally to bring in the greatest harvest ever that is prophesied of in scripture. His water is to purify  and make ready His bride before Jesus return.

~Satan has a plan to destroy and deceive Gods church and right now is. The world is already following Him aware or unaware.  His major efforts are to deceive Christ’s own. 2 Timothy speaks to the last days church and warns us to not be deceived.  If you look at the church in America you see that the body as a whole doesn’t know the bible well or desire God over all of their own plans and dreams. Jesus, is often times more of a cherry on top of “my own blessed life”. Prayer is an after thought as is shown in prayer meeting attendance and this has to change or we will be deceived.  If Adam and Eve who walked with God in the garden could be deceived, how much more so can we be deceived as well.  We must run to Him with everything we hear and see. In His mercy He will test us and wake us up.  Satan is a roaming evil predator seeking prey to devour. He works tirelessly against us. Do we work tirelessly for God? Do we spend daily time worshipping, praying, studying the word of God? If not we are probably deceived right now. The The church and world must wake up to their authority with Christ and to this battle we are in wether we like it or not.

~2 Thessalonians 2 speaks of a great falling away of the elect. The schemes of the enemy have already been prophesied to us!

~Gods plan is to use satan and his evil to test His Bride, humble us and purify us so that the river rising for the healing of the nations will produce the greatest harvest ever. This has been going on for 2000 years but the river is still rising.

~Intimacy with the Father and being in love with Jesus our Bridegroom who is our atonement and mediator must be our goal over all. Learning our authority with the Spirit of God will bring freedom and clarity. There isn’t time to mess around anymore. We must have oil in our lamps and discern with wisdom.

Matthew 25
~Jesus IS coming!


Vision of the Book of Life

I gave my life to Jesus when I was 12 at Hume Lake. That year I had my first experience with the Lord in the supernatural realm and it was awesome and has shaped my faith and my hope in what is to come after we leave earth. It happened like this:

I had just come back from a church camp where I had dedicated my life to Jesus again and told Him that I would be His “bondslave” for life. Little did I know that I was agreeing to give up my own life here on earth for serving Him. I knew that serving Him was my calling but had no idea what that meant for me personally and how many years of trials and searching for Him I would go through. It was a tearful intense campy night and I meant every word I said to Him. About a week later I prayed and asked Him to give me an “experience” with Him. I wanted to feel Him and see Him and was frustrated that I couldn’t. I wanted more. So this particular night in the middle of my dream state I saw the sun get really big and open up. Inside the sun I saw the golden gates of heaven….then I was instantaneously caught up into a place where I felt total completeness and perfection. The presence of God that I feel now during worship and prayer and I love immensely doesn’t even come close to this perfection I felt. It had to be the peace of heaven.  There was pure completeness and love in every part of this place. It felt like I was floating there for a while but it also felt like time stopped. I saw a hand writing my name in Hebrew in the Book Of Life. I remember saying over and over “I don’t want to go back, I don’t want to go back…”

Experiencing Gods perfection that night was out of this world and set me up for wanting more of Him. The reality of the peace of heaven  has touched me and I honestly won’t be satisfied until I’m there with Him again.

First “wave” Dream November 2012

This dream happened suddenly and as I dreampt I was aware that God was revealing info to me.


I was on the coastline in Venice when a large wave came inland like a tsunami.  I ran for cover and made it.  As this wave receeded it was a “new day” and I was in a completely different world.  Buildings and apartments had been erected overnight. I thought to myself,  “they (government) have been planning this for a while.”  Someone from government gave us all a credit card type card and told us that we would be ok as long as we used the card for housing, food, bills etc…(this dream was in 2012 so I didn’t understand it completely at the time.)

I noticed some people were in the ocean drifting down shore unable to withstand the strength of the water and many others were in long lines searching for family and friends. At the end of this dream I woke up with a feeling of certainty that what I saw would happen in real life (except the wave of water) signifies a wave of change and possibly hardship in our country. Since this dream I have heard many people predicting things to come in our country say the same thing, “they are planning this”. They = government.

The most important aspect to this dream/vision is that I “ran for cover.” This signifies running for cover “into” God and knowing His character closely and trusting that He will hide me and my family in the secret place of His presence as His word says He will. He hasn’t given me a spirit of fear but power, love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7


Destruction in Malibu…July 12, 2012

In July of 2012 I went to bed like any other night but this specific night I had asked the Lord to speak to me.

I dreampt that I was on a tour bus to Malibu.  As we approached the city off to my right hand side of Malibu canyon I saw many beautiful expensive cars lined up in a large parking lot.  Inside of these cars were the car owners loved ones who were sitting there crying and missing their family member. I had a sense of sorrow that something very bad had happened.  There were hundreds of expensive cars with mourners in them.

The bus then continued on and as it did a man with a white napkin bomb appeared and threw it at the bus I was in.  Somehow I caught it and through it out just in time.  Then the scene changes to a man that had been hit with another bomb.  He spoke and said “it’s ok I’m a believer, I’ll be ok.”  The driver of the bus then became the USPS mail person.  She spoke and said “since there have been so many  killed by theses bombs in their mail boxes the USPS decided to shut down.” She mentioned that this day was the last day the USPS would exist.

The amazing thing about this dream is that when I woke in the morning I checked my phone as usual and I had a text message from a good friend of mine from Malibu at 7:00am.

I believe this was a warning dream. Since that dream dirty bombs have gone off in mailboxes in random places. Not yet Malibu and with a lot of prayer hopefully never in Malibu.

All visions and dreams and warnings are given so that we can pray!  Intercession moves the heart of God!!!